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Fifth Wheel Steer Trailers

Models & Specs

Nutting Fifth Wheel Steer Trailer Dual Steer
Nutting Fifth Wheel Steer Trailer Quad Steer
Nutting Fifth Wheel Steer Trailer Cross Section
Nutting Tracking Trailing Guidelines


Fifth Wheel Steer Trailers

Product Overview

Fifth Wheel Steer Trailers (Series 54) are available in QUAD-STEER (four-wheel steer) or DUAL-STEER (two-wheel steer) with accurate tracking/trailing characteristics for optimal precision maneuverability and are available in load capacities from 1,000 lbs. and up. Additional deck sizes, superstructure, extra heavy-duty capacity, or other custom-engineered options available for special applications and requirements.

Fifth wheel steer trailers turn by means of a 5th wheel (turntable) assembly utilizing a precision ball bearing for ease of maneuverability. To this assembly is attached a drawbar, which steers the trailer when coupled to the power unit or other trailers. Fifth wheel steer trailers have relatively low deck heights and are recommended where load weights are above normal and service conditions are severe.

They are designed for:
• Docks
• Distribution Centers
• Warehouses
• Plants and Terminals

Series 54 Trailers | Load Capacities to 2,000 lbs. and up