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About Acco

Acco MHS specializes in fully engineered, reliable solutions designed to meet most applications. For over 100 years, Acco has been the leader in the material handling industry working hard to develop custom and innovative machinery and to provide durable, time-tested solutions built to last.

Our Mission

I.C.E – Innovate. Collaborate. Expand.
At Acco our mission is to deliver innovative specialty material handling solutions in collaboration with our customers to expand our positive impact on the industrial world.

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Our Values

Uncompromising Quality

Our demonstrated product safety, quality and durability is best in market.

Customer Focus

We create customized solutions that solve the most complex customer challenges.

Unmatched Responsiveness

Our team of experts is the most responsive in the industry to personally address customer needs.

Aftersales Excellence

We provide the highest performing parts support in the industry.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our understanding and expertise in end use applications drives new business to our dealers.

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Our Purpose

We help people move things. We increase productivity and safeguard lives in manufacturing, warehouse and plant operations by configuring specialized equipment that moves materials seamlessly.


With a long list of companies and technologies acquired over the years, Acco Material Handling Solutions has earned a reputation for producing high quality, long lasting products for producing high quality, long lasting products for the industrial material handling world. With expertise in design and engineering, you can rely on Acco to develop customized solution to meet your specialized needs for any application. Acco Material Handling Solutions…We Keep Industry Moving.



With a long list of companies and technologies acquired over the years, Acco Material Handling Solutions has earned a reputation for producing high quality, long lasting products for producing high quality, long lasting products for the industrial material handling world. With expertise in design and engineering, you can rely on Acco to develop customized solution to meet your specialized needs for any application. Acco Material Handling Solutions…We Keep Industry Moving.


Weed Chain Tire Grip Company established in New York City

In 1904, a man by the name of Harold D. Weed was issued a patented for his “Grip-Tread Pneumatic Tires” invention. Weed soon went on to found the Weed Chain Tire Grip Company – the first business in the world to sell non-skid tire chain suitable for people to safely drive on hazardous road conditions, such as mud and ice.


American Chain Company Formed

In 1912, Walter B. Lashar formed the American Chain Company, which had acquired the assets of the Weed Chain Tire Grip Company and the weedless chain business of Oneida Community Ltd. Over the next several years, other companies acquired included Dominion Chain Company Ltd. (1913), Parsons Chain Company Ltd. (1915), and Page Fence, Page Welding and Reading Steel Casting (1920).


Princess Street Facilities Are Built

Greater manufacturing facilities were required as Acco continued to grow and acquire more companies. The new plant was built in York, PA adjacent to the Ness Chain Manufacturing Company, which at the time was acquired by American Chain Company (Acco).


Wright Manufacturing Company Acquired

It was in 1928 when Wright® Cranes & Hoists became a division of Acco MHS and operations were moved from Lisbon, OH to York, PA.


Acco Acquires Louden® & Mansaver®

The Louden® Machinery Company was founded in 1867 by Willam Louden. Over the years, the company developed new equipment and track systems to assist in most industrial applications. The company was purchased by Acco in 1965 and continues to be the leader in overhead monorail patented track systems.

Acco also purchased Mansaver in 1965, and relocated the product line into the Wright Hoist & Crane manufacturing facilities in York, Pa. Within two (2) years after Acco purchased Mansaver the product line orders entered had doubled from the best 12 month booking period out of the past 42 years of existence while located in New Haven, Connecticut.


Acco Acquires Vac-U-Lift

In April 1972, Acco purchases Vac-U-Lift from the Lear Siegler Corporation. During 1972, Vac-U-Lift and Mansaver were combined to form Acco’s Industrial Lifters Division.


Acco Plant and Offices Relocate

In 1987, the Acco Products Division of the Material Handling Group was consolidated with its sister company the Acco American Chain Division. The York sales, administrative offices and manufacturing operations moved to 76 Acco Drive, where Acco Material Handling Solutions resides today.


Trambeam® Acquired By Acco

The Trambeam® Corporation was acquired by Acco in 2003. Similar to that of Louden® patented track, Trambeam is manufacturing in Acco’s Attalla, Alabama plant.


Nutting Carts & Trailers Acquired by Acco

Nutting® carts and trailers were acquired by Acco in 2006. As a key component in the material handling industry, Nutting has proven to be a huge asset to Acco and continues to produce high-quality, highly-engineered carts and trailers.

Darla Becking
Nutting Product Manager
Darla Becking joined Nutting in 1990. Over her 30 years with the company, she has held a variety of jobs including part-time receptionist, customer service representative and sales coordinator. In her current role as Sales Engineer, Darla enjoys helping customers from all over the United States. From the first phone call with the customer to determining which products would work best for their application, Darla loves watching the entire design process from beginning to end. “There are so many endless possibilities that Nutting can do, as we like to say, ‘If you can dream it – we can build it’”. Darla is grateful to be working for Acco because of the team-like mentality and the constant requests for input on how to move the company forward.
Jeff Dawson
Lifting Director of Sales
Jeff Dawson joined Acco in 1986 as an Application Engineer. Currently, Jeff's role as a Director of Sales allows him to use what he learned in engineering to help sell, promote and lead the District Sales Manager. Born and raised in Dover, PA, Jeff grew up working for his father's small repaid show. He worked on snow mobiles and motorcycles, which instilled the love of engineering at a young age. Jeff received his Mechanical Engineering degree from Penn State University. Jeff enjoys working for the material handling industry because no day is ever the same! "There's lots of variety in everything we do!"
Aaron Frentz
Lifting Sales Engineer
Aaron Frentz began working for Acco in 2017 in a temporary role, creating shell models for the Wright® product line. He shortly thereafter was offered a full-time position as a Sales Engineer. Aaron grew up in the surrounding area of Hershey, PA, with parents who have familial backgrounds in aviation and engineering. This love of science instilled at a young age gave Aaron the encouragement to join the FIRST Robotics team in High School, which taught him the power of team work and strengthened his connection to the field of engineering. Aaron later went on to attend Penn State Harrisburg and graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree. Aaron enjoys working for Acco because it gives him the chance to use what he has learned in schooling by applying it to real life experiences. Aaron greatly enjoys helping customers decide which Acco products would best fit their specific application.
Dave Kelly
Louden Product Manager
Dave Kelly joined Acco in 1974 as a mechanical engineer. Over his 45 years with Acco, Dave has held a series of roles including estimator, outside sales, product specialist and mechanical engineer manager. Currently, Dave is the product manager for Louden®, Trambeam®, Mansaver® and Vac-U-Lift® products. Dave has a BS Civil Engineering degree from Iowa State University. He began his career with Acco at Louden, which was the Crane & Monorail Division, located in Fairfield Iowa. In 2017, Louden celebrated its 150th year in business. Dave is proud to work for a company such immense history!
Kevin LeMieux
Nutting Product/Sales Manager
Kevin joined Nutting in 1980. He had held many positions over the years including design drafter, estimator, customer service, district sales manager and most recently Product/Sales Manager. Kevin enjoys working with customers who are looking for special carts or trailers to meet a specific material handling requirement. His expertise in engineering and longevity with the industry has been an advantage in understanding project specifications and customer expectations. Kevin feels his fellow employees continually work together to built the highest quality product in the industry. "We are a premier manufacturer; specials are our specialty!"
Amber Redlin
Nutting Customer Service
Amber Redlin joined Nutting in 2012. In her current role, Amber offers daily support to the office staff, manufacturing plant employees and assists the sales team with customer service. Born and raised in Watertown, SD, Amber enjoys working for a small company because of the comradery among all of the employees and the willingness to help one another out. Amber is also grateful to be a part of the sales team; “The Sales Department faces many challenges each year and I enjoy being a part of the team to help solve problems that arise”.
Stephen Snock
Lifting Sales Engineer
Stephen Snock has been in the Material Handling Industry since 1974. Over the years, he has worked for several Patented Track manufacturers starting out as a draftsman and working his way through various positions including engineering, estimating, systems design/estimating/engineering, inside sales and outside sales. Steve has also travelled overseas to consult with manufactuers to help solve their material handling requirements and has help supervise the installation of monorail and crane projects. For the last 8 years, Steve has served as an Acco inside sales representative for Louden/Trambeam Crane, Wright Hoists, Accolift Hoists, Mansaver Grabs and Vac-U-Lift Lifters.
Sharon Stump
Lifting Sales Engineer
Sharon Stump joined Acco Material Handling Solutions in 1972 immediately after high school graduation. Sharon’s grandfather worked and retired from Acco, one of the many reasons Sharon was excited to be joining the Acco team. In her first role, Sharon assisted the sales team as a quote stenographer and eventually worked to the Sales Engineer role, where she continues to excel. Early in her career, Sharon earned her Associate degree in Business from Penn State and enjoyed her time back in the classroom. Sharon is extremely proud to work for Acco because of the Made in America products and thoroughly enjoys working with distributors and users, striving to provide the best customer service possible.
Eric Weber
Wright Product Manager
Eric Weber joined Acco in 2009 working in the engineering department. As his experience and knowledge base grew, Eric transitioned from a Design Engineer position to a new role of Product Management in 2011. As WRIGHT® Product Manager, Eric loves taking Acco equipment and molding it to meet the customer's needs and requirements. "The industry is always in motion and every day is a challenge. No two days are alike! That's what keeps it exciting"!
Bill Burke
Lifting District Sales Manager
Bill Burke joined Acco in 2014. Having been in the material handling industry since 1978, Bill started his career as an engineer for a Trambeam® Patented Track dealer and later went on to be an estimator, inside sales manager and district sales manager for major companies in the industry. Now as a part of Acco for the last 5 years, "it feels good to have the best inside sales and customer service team in the industry, from experience, behind me as I go out the door each and every day. I can make promises and be assured the Acco/Kresl Power team will keep those promises". Bill plans on finishing his career with Acco and is grateful to the material handling industry as it has provided for his family over the years in so many ways.
Alan Hopes
Lifting District Sales Manager
Alan Hopes joined Acco in 2016 as a District Sales Manager covering Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky. He has 10 years of experience selling in the crane industry and another 20 years in commercial sales. Alan enjoys helping customers find a safe and productive solution for their material handling requirements.
Greg Logan
Greg Logan
Lifting District Sales Manager
Greg Logan is a proven District Sales Manager and has been a loyal Acco MHS employee for 30 years. Greg has an extensive amount of experience in the material handling industry with a very strong background in patented track products and applications. He is a lifelong native of Alabama and enjoys, golf, Alabama football and spending time with his family. Greg believes that building a relationship and adding value to the dealers in his sales territory are the most important elements in the success of territory management and is also his most enjoyable part of working as a DSM.
Keith McColm
Lifting District Sales Manager
Keith McColm joined Acco in 2003. Born and raises in San Leandro, CA, Keith's career in the material handling industry began working for the largest crane builder on the West Coast in their parts department. Keith, shortly thereafter, worked his way into the Assistant Service Manager role and later became Service Manager. Currently, Keith is the District Sales Manager. What Keith enjoys most about the crane business is the variety of projects he gets to help customers with. "You would be amazed at what I've learned about the industry!"
Jim Orme
Lifting District Sales Manager
Jim Orme joined Acco in 2019 as a District Sales Manager. Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Jim has been in the crane industry for the past 35 years. Jim enjoys the material handling industry because of the intricacies and technicalities of how products are designed and ultimately manufactured. Jim is grateful for all of the individuals he has met over the years and the friends he has made in the industry.
Nina Peterson
Lifting District Sales Manager
Nina Peterson joined Acco in 2017 as a District Sales Manager. Originally from Arkansas, Nina currently resides in Ft. Worth Texas. Having been in the material handling industry for a long time, Nina loves working with customers to help them find the best solutions for their specific application and to develop friendly relationships that last a lifetime. "It is important to me to be able to offer the best quality products as well as customer service that is 2nd to none in our industry! We have it all at Acco!"


For more than 150 years, Acco team members have created a value proposition of world class support for our high-quality, highly-engineered products. We are made up of professionals ranging in capabilities and expertise in design, engineering, supply chain management and logistics, sales, marketing and business management and finance. We are committed to a standard of conducting business at the greatest levels of integrity, ethics and excellence.

Enjoy learning about our exceptional team as we all continue to reach out mission…Innovate. Collaborate. Expand.