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Engineered to ANSI MH27.1 specifications, Louden® track and fittings are designed to meet span, load and duty requirements for a wide range of applications. Louden SuperTrack, Super Track Girder, TrojanTrack Girder and TitanTrack Girder sections are tailor-made for your job requirements. Manufactured to maintain close dimensional tolerances, each section of track is fabricated and formed to layout drawings and specifications.

Monorail Systems

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 The trolley is one of the basic elements of monorail and crane equipment. Long life and dependable service are absolutely essential. All parts of the completed Louden  trolley, including wheels, bearings, yokes, loadbars and swivel fittings have been designed and constructed from proven materials to…

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Interlocks and Transfer Section

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Track Switches

A wide selection of monorail track switches are available for use in monorail systems. Switches are rated light-duty, medium- duty, or heavy duty. They are available in tongue or sliding operation models. Sliding switches offer smoother trolley operation than tongue…

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Tractor Drives

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