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      Passenger airplane on maintenance of engine and fuselage check repair in airport hangar

      Solutions & Applications


      At ACCO we offer a broad array of products and solutions for the aerospace industry.  Whether it’s patented track, hoists, cranes, or custom carts, aerospace professionals rely on ACCO solutions to provide the strength, versatility, and safety that the industry requires. Reach out to us today and find the product to solve any challenge.
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      Acco  engineers advanced material handling solutions for the airplane and aerospace industries.

      Airplane Manufacturing

      Acco manufacturers patented track which offers flexibility and longevity required for aerospace applications. Systems with switches and turntables allow the movement of components from one bay to another, or can easily reverse directions of a jet engine entering or leaving a test cell. Patented track cranes are also used for chemical mill dipping, aircraft assembly, loading and unloading wing mills and component assembly.

      For all of your lifting needs, whether it’s for jet engine test cells or assembly, our line of electric chain or wire rope hoists are customizable for use with auto grabs, can be built for constant loads and are available with foreign object debris countermeasures.

      Airplane Maintenance

      Our patented track monorails are used extensively for engine maintenance. Components are furnished for maintenance platforms and then transported where needed.

      With the use of hoists, parts can easily be pulled off jet engines in order to be worked on. Repairs on plane bodies can also easily be attended to with the use of wire rope or electric chain hoists.

      Airplane Painting

      Patented track components, such as track and trolleys, are used to build paint platforms for the aerospace industry. Monorail and crane components can also be used to move materials to and from platforms. The longevity and straightness of the runway material make for a perfect painting scenario.

      Our line of hoists are available with hazardous environment features, including spark resistance, which allows our hoists to be used in paint booths.

      Automotive Manufacturing Plant
      Solutions & Applications


      Automotive manufacturing requires a unique blend of delicate precision, continuous operation, and demanding production schedules. Our products are carefully engineered to thrive under these rigorous conditions. That’s why ACCO products are trusted industry-wide. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.
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      Acco engineers advanced material handling solutions for the AUTOMOTIVE industry.


      Monorails and cranes are used within the automotive industry to feed new material to and from the presses. Maintaining equipment within the press plants is another function that would rely on monorails and cranes to effectively get the job done.

      Our line of wire rope and electric chain hoists are perfect solutions when changing out tooling. Also used in tool and dye shops, hoists allow for easy handling within press plants.


      Monorails and cranes are used to provide parts to and from assembly lines. Components are also furnished for integration on specialty vehicle assembly equipment.

      The installation of engines into automobiles is easily facilitated with the use of our extensive line of hoists.


      Monorails and cranes are used extensively in the manufacturing process of automotive components. Easily transporting components down the manufacturing and assembly line make for a seamless process.

      With the endless possibilities of our customizable hoists, the manufacturing of materials is possible. The stabilizing of the lifting apparatus is important when manufacturing overly large and obscure shapes.

      hydro powerplant with crane
      Solutions & Applications

      Power Generation

      When people are counting on your for their power you need to count on the tools you use to create it. At ACCO, we provide dependable products to service the power generation industry. We are proud to be an integral part of this vital work. Contact us now and let us help you find a solution that works for you.
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      With our extensive list of material handling equipment, Acco offers expertise in the design and engineering of solutions for the Power Generation industry.


      Acco’s patented track equipment and load brake hoists are used for their flexibility and safety characteristics. Monorails have the capability to offer curves and switches, which many times needed and required. Hoists need to negotiate tight radius curves, require long lifts and often must meet hazardous location modifications.


      Coal car shaker hoists are needed in material processing to transport and control the shaker units onto the tops of coal cars for emptying. Acco hoists are designed to accommodate many varying requirements including the need for twin hooks, hazardous options to protect against coal dust and features needed for a hoist to function in outdoor elements.


      Coal fired plants require scrubbers to remove sulfur oxides. Circular monorails as well as monorail switches are necessary to maintain and operate scrubber systems. Monorails and cranes are also used for all aspects of power generation equipment maintenance, such as pulling pumps and motors for repair or replacement. Monorails are used to move gates on hydroelectric dams as well.

      Acco’s long lift and outdoor hoists are many times mounted on the side of cooling towers for transporting repair parts and tooling.

      genera manufacturing warehouse
      Solutions & Applications

      General Manufacturing

      At ACCO, we have a solution for almost any industrial application. Our products are a vital part of the manufacturing process in everything from textile plants to steel mills. Contact us today to find out how we can help you craft a solution for your specific situation.
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      Cranes and hoists and widely used across the manufacturing industry for a variety of applications. The flow of materials from one end to the other must be precise in order to maintain constant, uninterrupted workflow.


      Monorails and cranes are used to move materials from machining centers, weld stations and paint booths. Using patented track interlocking systems, for instance, allows transferring of product throughout a plant, preventing the rehandling of products. The lower flange of the patented track remains consistent throughout, allaying a hoist to be relocated anywhere in the plant. Perfect for fabrication, hoists are available with insulated hooks used for welding and electroplating operations. Hoists easily transport and offload raw materials.

      Nutting high capacity push carts or trailers are frequently used to provide a flexible ground-based handling system to move heavy casings or machine parts from machine to machine or machine to assembly within a manufacturing process. Carts can be designed to meet your specified needs and requirements.


      Monorails and cranes are used to move materials within the facility to fabricate and test prototypes. The handling during the design process cuts down on time when maneuvering parts. Overhead handling systems are also used as a part of production line simulation.

      On the ground, Nutting custom manufacturing carts range in capacity from 1000 lbs to over 200,000 lbs. They often used as the go-to platform to move heavy manufacturing products through the machining and assembly process.


      Monorails and cranes are frequently used to move parts to assembly areas and within the assembly cell. They are also used to carry tools and other support equipment and materials needed for productions.

      Our wide range of hoists are used to build machinery in a mass production setting. They are available with options that meet industry requirements and for use in high heat applications. Whether you are needing a hoist for high use applications (Work-Rated) or for work station cranes, (Accolift), we can design a hoist to meet your application and environment.

      government plane getting serviced
      Solutions & Applications


      All ACCO products are assembled in the US, and we’re proud to put them to use on a multitude of government projects. From public service projects to infrastructure and defense, we provide the solutions needed to keep vital government projects and services running.
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      Monorails and cranes are used for maintenance on motor vehicles, jet engine repairs and other testing required. More specifically, patented track systems are used for military base aircraft maintenance. The large hangers require cranes with large spans and multiple runways. The straightness and lower weight of patented track makes this a better choice than structural steel.

      Acco hoists are used in maintenance hangers for military vehicles such as jets, drones and tanks. Hoists are also used in a parachute drying application; parachutes are lifted, washed and hung to dry. All hoists are customizable to meet specifications and operational requirements.

      Nutting carts are used by the US military to stage, hold and move supplies to support troop movement and logistics.


      Monorails and cranes are used for all types of maintenance in waster water treatment including the pulling of pumps and motors for repairs or replacement. In pump rooms, Acco hoists are used when pumps need service. Available for long lift applications, hoists can be engineered for both hazardous environments and/or outdoor applications.


      Monorails and cranes are used in the fabrication and maintenance of construction equipment. Acco hoists are used in servicing vehicles and maintenance.

      public utilities power lines
      Solutions & Applications

      Public Utilities

      When you’re in the business of providing public utilities you rely on your equipment to work whenever called on. ACCO products are engineered to be the most reliable material handling solutions in the business. Contact us today if you’re ready for peak performance and reliability.
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      Many of the monorail systems used at waster/water treatment plants require curves and switches as well as the ability to work with swiveling trolleys. These intricate systems are used to transport chlorine cylinders and maintain pumps throughout the facility. Hazardous location options are typically required on most hoists. Double drum bucket hoists for use with manual buckets are also available.


      Acco hoists are great options for high use magnet applications where constant loads and high impact are present. The use of a hoist within recycling centers provide extreme accuracy and guarentees exact positioning.


      Lift in Warehouse
      Solutions & Applications

      Warehousing & Fulfillment

      Here at ACCO, we understand the unique challenges of the Warehousing & Fulfillment industry. Our network of nationwide service technicians, combined with an array of Rapid Ship solutions can help keep your operation moving. Contact us today for quick solutions to all your needs.
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      For oversized and bulky materials, monorails and cranes assist in moving and positioning loads throughout the distribution settings. By using overhead monorails and cranes, vertical space in the facility is maximized and loads are transported effortlessly without rigorous labor. Maintenance of equipment and transporting of supplies can also benefit from the use over overhead material handling. For small jobs such as the changing out of batteries on a fleet of fork trucks, the Accolift Electric Chain Hoist is used on jib cranes.

      On the ground, Nutting carts and trailers are integrated with vertical order picking vehicles to pick items up items from vertical racking systems. Nutting also designs and manufactures custom superstructures to pick both small objects, using walled carts with shelving and tote storage, as well as large objects, such as appliances and furniture. Once the items are picked, the order picker trailers can be transported by a tugger and hitched together to form a train. This improves cycle times, reduces overall capital cost and provides a safe fork-left-free solution to transport items to the outbound holding cell.

      Whatever the load may be, Nutting designs material handling solutions that transports loads safely and efficiently.