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WRIGHT-Way® Tractor Drives


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Direct acting, short stroke, AC magnet actuated disc type with a minimum torque rating of 50% of the full load ...Read More

Motor Brake
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Rugged malleable iron construction.

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Gear Train
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Push Button Station
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Rubber tire 9 inches In diameter with 3 inch face, supported by prelubricated and sealed ball bearings.

Drive Wheel
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For Standard "I" or "WF" beams- Flangeless, ball bearing, steel wheels, 3¼ inch tapered tread diameter for "I" beam, 2%-inch ...Read More

Trolley Wheels
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Choose from single or two speed. Completely enclosed controls are 3 pole magnetic reversing type, mechanically interlocked with 115-volt control ...Read More


Models & Specs

Wright Way Tractor Drives Specifications
Wright Way Tractor Drives Dimensions


WRIGHT-Way® Tractor Drives

Product Overview

The Wright-Way electric tractor is a highly efficient powered auxiliary drive unit or horizontal movement of hoist or other equipment along standard “I”, “WF” or patented track beams.

Other applications are to provide power for operating doors or acting as units for conveyor lines and cranes.

Through a speed reduction, the drive action of the motor is transmitted to a rubber tire wheel which is spring loaded to provide steady traction as it rolls against the underside of the track.

One standard unit runs on standard “I” beams and “WF” beams with flange widths of 3” minimum, 7” maximum. Another standard unit will operate on patented track with 2, 3 ¼, or 3.33” flange. Both models will negotiate a 30” curve. In addition, the patented track model will operate through switches and turntables.

WRIGHT-Way Tractor Drives