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ACCOLIFT CLH® Electric Chain Hoists


Friction Clutch Upper Limit Switch

The friction clutch is an overload protection device that prevents lifting when overloaded. When the hoist is raised to high ...Read More

Friction Clutch & Upper Limit Switch
Hoist Motor Brake

Simple fast acting conical style motor brake for years of trouble-free operation.

Hoist Motor Brake

Compact design to enable one-handed operation. Rated NEMA 4 protection. Mushroom on/off button included. Push button cable has strain relief ...Read More

Push Button Controls
Electric Control Panel

Single speed hoists are reconnectable for 208/230/460V power supply. Controls are housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure. Standard control transformer ...Read More

Electric Control Panel Available with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for all motions
Variable Frequency Drive

VFD hoists are available programmed for 2-speed operation. VFD hoists can be supplied for 230-1-60, 208/230-3-60 and 460-3-60 power supplies. ...Read More

Variable Frequency Drive

The hoist motor is a high torque design and is rated 30-minute duty (single phase, single speed motors are rated ...Read More

Heavy-Duty Hoist Motor

Full floating chain guide assures proper engagement of chain on load sheave. Load Sheave features 5 pockets for smoother operation ...Read More

Load Sheave / Chain Guide
Load Chain

Grade 80 load chain is case hardened and has a high resistance to wear and corrosion. All hoists are stocked ...Read More

Grade 80 load chain

Load hook is a forged carbon steel hook with a heavy-duty hook latch. Thrust bearing in hook allows 360˚ rotation ...Read More

Chain Container

Chain container is standard equipment and is either molded with thick polypropylene material or fabricated from steel to securely contain ...Read More

Chain Container
Gear Box Oil Lubrication

The gearbox utilizes an alloy steel helical and spur gear reduction. Gear lubrication is easily accessible from the top of ...Read More

Gearbox/Oil Lubrication
Push-Pull Trolley

Trolley is adjustable for a range of 3.25” to 12” flange widths with no additional materials required. Side guide rollers ...Read More

Push/Pull Trolley

Trolley is adjustable for a range of 3.25” to 12” flange widths with no additional materials required. Side guide rollers ...Read More

Motorized Trolley


48V Control Option

Typically used as a safety feature to reduce voltage at the pendant

48V Control Voltage
Option Chain Container

Typically used to reduce chain noise when the chain falls into the chain container during operation, and to reduce interference.

Canvas Chain Container
Collector Mount

Typically used to support mounted collectors or festoon systems to power hoist.

Collector Mounting Bracket/Tagline Tow Arm
Cross Mount Option

Typically used to mount hoist perpendicular to beam

Cross Mounted Lug Connector
Weather Cover Electric Chain Cover

Typically used for outdoor use to shield hoist from inclement or extreme weather. Includes hoist cover, trolley drive cover and ...Read More

Hoist Weather Cover

Select this option to add additional buttons to the standard push button pendant. Hook mounted and push/pull trolley hoist pendants ...Read More

Push Button Pendants
Option Placeholder Image

Typically used to allow remote control of hoist independent of pendant. Includes 1 receiver, 2 transmitters pendant backup, and warning ...Read More

Radio Control

Models & Specs

Accolift Hoists Hook Suspension
Accolift Dimensions Hook Suspension
Accolift Hoists Push Pull Trolley
Accolift Dimensions Push Pull Trolley
Accolift Hoists Motorized Trolley
Accolift Dimensions Motorized Trolley
Accolift Hoist Hook Dimensions Chain Container Capacities


ACCOLIFT CLH® Electric Chain Hoists

Product Overview

ACCOLIFT® CLH Electric Chain Hoists feature lower headroom than conventional hoists. Due to their compact size, these hoists fit well into jib crane and light rail applications.

ACCOLIFT® CLH Electric Chain Hoists are available with hook suspension, push / pull trolley or a motorized trolley. All hoists are available as single speed or inverter controlled.

ACCOLIFT CLH Electric Chain Hoists