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WRIGHT® Hazardous Environment Hoists


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Hoist and trolley motors are manufactured and labeled for the specific environment for which they are designed. Hoists are available ...Read More

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A/C disc hoist brake and optional disc trolley brake are manufactured and labeled for the specific environment for which they ...Read More

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Upper gravity limit switch and overload cutoff device (overload is optional on Speedway® hoists) are intrinsically safe, eliminating the need ...Read More

WRIGHT Hazardous Environment Hoists Controls

Single speed and two speed controllers are available for all area classifications noted. Variable frequency drive (VFD) controls are available ...Read More

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Control pendants are available in a NEMA 7/9 enclosure or in a NEMA 4X enclosure with intrinsically safe controls.

Control Enclosure

A NEMA 4/7/9 cast aluminum control enclosure is provided for all Class 1, Division 1 or 2 and Class 2, ...Read More

Control Enclosure

Models & Specs

Wright Hazardous Environment Hoists



WRIGHT® Hazardous Environment Hoists

Product Overview

Acco Material Handling Solutions specializes in producing a wide variety of wire rope hoists for use in hazardous environments. The New Century Series® Speedway® and Work-Rated® models can be ordered for specific Class, Group and Division applications. All Acco Wright® crane components are available for hazardous environment applications. In addition to the options listed for the hoists, spark resistant rail sweeps and intrinsically safe relays for pendants are available.

Hoists can be ordered for the following environments:


  • Groups C & D, Division 1
  • Groups B, C, & D, Division 2


  • Groups E, F, & G, Divisions 1 & 2

Definition of CLASS, GROUP, and DIVISION:

CLASS 1 – Locations where flammable gases or vapors are or may be present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures
CLASS 2 – Locations where flammable dusts are or may be present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures

GROUP B – Hydrogen, etc.
GROUP C – Ethyl-ether, ethylene, etc.
GROUP D – Gasoline, hexane, naphtha, propane, alcohol, etc.
GROUP E – Metallic dust
GROUP F – Carbon black, coal, coke, etc.
GROUP G – Flour starch grain, etc.

DIVISION 1 – Where combustible gases, vapors, or dusts are always present under normal operating conditions
DIVISION 2 – Where combustible gases, vapors, or dusts may be present under abnormal operating conditions



Electrical classifications are just that. By specifying a Class, Group, & Division, you are simply requesting the required components for the electrical equipment provided on the hoist. Spark resistant options are strictly for the mechanical portion of the hoist, and may or may not be required for your application. Bronze & stainless-steel trolley wheels, stainless steel wire rope, bronze & stainless-steel load hooks with stainless steel latch, bronze coated hook with stainless steel latch are the most common mechanical options.


  • Upper/lower geared limit switch
  • Intrinsically safe trolley travel limit switch
  • Tagline tow arm
  • Audible or visual indicators
  • Radio controls
  • Trolley ACM
  • Trolley brake
Work Rated Hoist