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Dual Conductor Bottom Entry Enclosed Electrification

Dual Conductor Bottom Entry Enclosed Electrification

Product Overview

Dual Conductor Bottom Entry Electrification is designed and built to meet the requirements of Louden® monorail and crane service. The 10’ long conductor sections are made of two roll-formed, zinc coated steel bars held in position by five spacer insulators to form an inverted U shape with a 5/8” slot opening at the bottom to accommodate the sliding shoe current collectors. This assembly is housed in a heavy EPDM rubber or vinyl insulating jacket that covers all external surfaces. Both EPDM and vinyl are tough and durable, with excellent insulating properties and have good flame resistance. The cover of 810.1-R is EPDM rubber and will withstand temperatures up to 200° F. However, maximum temperatures are generally limited to 125° F, due to the normal limits imposed by the use of motors, controls, wiring, and drive tires. The cover of 810.1-V is vinyl and should not be used where temperatures rise above 140° F.

The compact switch design was developed by Louden to work directly with our switches.

Single Conductor Bottom Entry Enclosed Electrification