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Electrified Sliding Switches

Electrified Sliding Switches

Product Overview

Type 3 switches are satisfactory for Class A, B or C service. They can be used with any of the light rail tracks (Nos. 34011 through 34031) and with hand propelled or motor driven carriers having 4 inch or 5 inch diameter wheels.

Type 3 switches are available for 2-way right or left hand, 2-way Y or 3-way operation. They have 30 degree outlets on the curve tracks. These switches are provided with 11 inch throw for non-electrified and 2-bar electrified systems and 14 inch throw for 3-bar and 4-bar electrified systems.

Rated loads for Type 3 switches are:

• 2,000 pounds per carrier head.

• 4,000 pounds on the sliding frame and at the outlets of the stationary frame.

Type 3 switches may be electrified with 2, 3 or 4 power conductors of Insul-8-Bar electrification. Standard conductor spacing as indicated in the Electrification Section is used for 2-bar and 3-bar switches; special spacing of conductors is required for 4-bar switches. Elevation of conductors is 6-1/8 inch above the track tread for all Type 3 electrified switches.

A wiring harness is furnished on electrified switches to provide power to the conductors in the switch. The harness also serves as a jumper to provide power to the conductors on the incoming tracks. Designed for capacities up to 12,000 lbs.

Electrified Sliding Switch Trambeam illustration