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Product Overview

Type 8 turntables are identical to Type 7 crossovers except that guards on the stationary frame allow rotation of the unit with a loaded carrier on the track. They can be used with any of the light rail sections (Nos. 34011 through 34031) and with hand propelled or motor driven carriers having 4 inch or 5 inch diameter wheels and a 21 inch or less wheelbase. Rated loads for Type 8 turntables are the same as the Type 7 crossovers. They may be electrified with 2, 3 or 4 power conductors of Insul-8-Bar electrification.

Suspension of Type 8 turntables and their incoming tracks is the same as used for Type 7 crossovers. Special turntables can be provided for applications where monorail tracks cross at an angle different than 90 degrees, carriers have a wheelbase greater than 21 inch, or rated loads are greater than 4,000 pounds. Designed for capacities up to 20,000 lbs.

Turntables Crossover Switch Trambeam illustration